How To Choose Golf Cart Seat Covers

You've bought a golf cart and you love its leather or high grade vinyl seats. Or you drive rented carts on the courses you play. Either way, you know that weather conditions can make riding on golf cart seats uncomfortable. Wet seats after it rains and cold seats are unpleasant, but the worst by far are scorching hot seats in the summer. They can actually burn your skin and make you feel so sticky and sweaty you're counting the minutes until you arrive at your destination. Some cart owners or riders throw terry towels on the seat even though they shift around quite a bit. And terry material is not moisture wicking nor odor resistant meaning that it feels and smells like a wet towel. So whether you own or rent a Yamaha, Club Car, EZGO, Star, Evolution, Bintelli, or any other golf cart, you'll want to consider the convenience of having a golf cart cover at the ready to keep you comfortable no matter the weather. SeatSpin golf cart seat covers are made of the same thick performance microfiber as our car seat covers.  They're waterproof and odor resistant. Just slip them over the seat cushions or over the armrests and off you go in comfort and style. Machine wash and dry with the rest of your laundry.  Are golf car seat covers worth it? Consider that our high quality covers are designed to give you years of comfortable riding, no matter how many times you wash them. And  there's no better way to preserve the leather or vinyl on your seats from fading or cracking. Like our car seat covers, SeatSpin golf cart seat covers are universal fit. One of our covers should fit most seats on golf carts including low speed vehicles. Contact us for a free consultation if you aren't sure which of our covers will fit your cart.  If it turns out that you need custom covers, we can quote you a price and make them for you. Happy riding!




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