SeatSpin Featured on Good Morning San Diego For Back To School

Another summer has flown by. Time to get ready for the new school year. Recommendations on the latest products for back to school are everywhere. We're excited to say that SeatSpin made the list on TV's Good Morning San Diego. If your children will be playing fall sports, expect soil, sweat, and sticky fingers from snacks at the end of games or practices. Orange slices, gatorade and granola bars really do a number on your car seats. Then maybe you decide that everyone is too hungry and you're too tired to cook, so you go to your favorite fast food drive thru. While this is fun and delicious, you end up with crumbs and spills. You don't have time to vacuum your car or spend the time and money to get to the car wash every week. But you DO have time to protect your seats with SeatSpin. It's quick and easy. When you get home, just take SeatSpin out of the car, give it a few shakes, and the crumbs will be gone. If that barbeque sauce, ketchup or drink spilled onto the cover, throw it into the wash with the rest of your laundry. Now you're ready for next time. It's that easy. Even if your kids don't play sports, your family likely eats on the go during the school year. If you keep SeatSpin at the ready in your car, you'll keep it clean and smelling great. And you'll never sit on a ketchup stain with your clean clothes. Happy Fall everyone!

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