Does Your Car Pass The Smell Test?

Among the reasons our customers love SeatSpin is that it keeps their cars smelling fresh.  No need for that tree deodorizer when you don't allow odors to build up on your car seats.  Face it - we all sweat whether we exercise or not.  We sometimes bring in dirt from the great outdoors. We eat and drink in our cars imparting a variety of smells depending on the pungency of the food or how much we spill. And smoke can be a very tough odor adversary. Maybe it's a little thing - enjoying a fresh scent when you get in the car without having just paid a small fortune at the car wash for an interior scrub. But the little things add up these days. And don't we all want to feel confident when we invite others to ride in our cars? It's embarrassing when you suspect that your family and friends aren't breathing as freely as they might.  The good news is that you can keep your car smelling and looking great easily by using a washable car seat cover.  We say that SeatSpin gives you car confidence. A little confidence goes a long way or a short drive. Test for yourself and let us know.

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