Yes! - SeatSpin Covers Airplane Seats

Our customers asked so we put SeatSpin to the test.  One of our team members flew recently on two different airlines.  SeatSpin covered her seats from top to bottom. Take a look at our blog photo showing classic black covering the whole seat.  And look how small it rolls up, ready to go at the gate waiting area.  Why settle for anything less than a clean, hygienic seat on your next flight? Not to mention that SeatSpin is made of soft, sueded microfiber that is far more comfortable to sit on than the typical leather or pleather plane seat.  The gripping dots that help keep SeatSpin on your car seat help hold it in place on your plane seat too.  Regular travel blankets slide around on the seat too much to be helpful.  We tried them out.  The airlines are trying harder to keep plane surfaces clean but anyone who has flown recently has seen that the turnover from one flight to the next is too quick to perform a thorough disinfecting.  Don't take chances with your health.  With flu season approaching and the pandemic on the upswing, we can't be too careful with our own health and the health of our loved ones.

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