Judy, Owner and Designer of SeatSpin Philadelphia, PA

My Story

I created SeatSpin after becoming frustrated with how difficult it was to protect my car seat and clean clothes from sweat, germs from public places, and dirt from the great outdoors. Towels fell down the seat. So-called fitted car seat covers were difficult to get in and out of the car. All the loops and hooks in hard to reach places. The uncomfortable, rubbery material that required special washing. How they shifted on the seat despite being “fitted.” I wanted something that was easy to take on and off the seat and required no special care. Something that would always be there when I needed it. And no more ugly car seat covers! So I created SeatSpin for myself, my family and friends. They wondered how they ever managed without it and encouraged me to offer it to everyone.

Supporting American Designers

The past several months have been hard economically for many of our fellow Americans. SeatSpin is designed in America and is committed to supporting other American designers by purchasing their beautiful prints to make our covers. It is always hard to decide which prints to buy when there is so much to choose from. When you buy one of our covers know that you are playing a part in allowing American talent and creativity to flourish.

Here are some of our designers

Our Health, Our Cars, Our Homes

After we’ve used public seating or enjoyed the great outdoors, we may not think about what we’re bringing into our cars and, by extension, onto our bodies and into our homes. But recent events remind us that what we can’t see can hurt us tremendously and we have to face it head on. There is so much we still do not know about protecting ourselves from viruses. We hope that SeatSpin gives you and your family one more line of defense. Wash our covers as often as you like with the rest of your laundry.