Waterproof Four For The Road

Color: Classic Black
When you're soaked with sweat or have just come from a nice swim, or when liquids spill, this cover will keep your seats clean and dry.  The extra layer in our waterproof covers forms a barrier preventing any liquids from reaching your car seat. Buy four waterproof SeatSpins of the same color or print for your driver seat cover and three passenger seats.  Always have an extra SeatSpin ready to go when the others are in the laundry. Comes with matching pouches.
  • SeatSpin is the only universal fit car seat cover designed to stay right where you need it - on the seat. No need to stow away.  Just spin or turn to the back of the seat when not in use. Performance microfiber wicks away moisture and odors. Spin front to back and back to front for weeks. 
  • Your choice of classic solids or sophisticated prints designed by American artists exclusively for SeatSpin.
  • Wash and line dry with the rest of your laundry. No special care required.
  • Goes on and off easily by slipping the opening over your headrest.
  • Provides superior seat coverage behind the knees and calves. 57" L x 28" W.  Headrest opening is 6.75” H x 8.75” W.
  • Special anti-slip backing holds cover in place.
  • 100% waterproof yet lightweight.

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